In we have been using GraphQL a lot of times lately. Our clients have a request to have small services for all popular platforms. Mainly it is mobile and desktop. In some cases it can be exotic platform like POS terminal but it is different story :)


In microservice architecture there is such term as boundary level. The boundary provides your application bunch of capabilities:

  • authentication/authorization
  • rate limit (for instance 500 requests per second)
  • caching
  • collection logs/metrics

For sure, there are some cases when application can have loads of boundary levels. For example one boundary level encapsulates services that…

I hope every data scientists knows how eigenvectors and eigenvalues are important in ML/DS area. But this post is rather for people who start studying data science from scratch and I would like to put my contribution just to help someone who seeks a simple answer. I won’t dwell on theory because I there are a lot of materials about the topic we will discuss in web, just want to focus on example.

The equation of a linear transformation:

Let’s look at the example a bit closer. Supposed, we have a matrix A:

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